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Company Profile

Ceylon Beverage Can (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2014 as the first 2-piece Aluminum Can & End Manufacturer in Horana Sri Lanka. Our aim is to meet the local & regional market demand. Our company is among the most advance facilities in the region with state of the art technology in metal forming and printing. The plant is equipped with the latest machinery & quality gauges with the capacity of producing 720 million Cans and 2 billion Ends per year.

Ceylon Beverage Can has a combined work force with over 40 years of experiences in the industry across all areas in both Can & End manufacturing process from both locally and internationally.

Our aim from day one was to work with the local (BOI) Board of Investment & (CEA) Central Environmental Authority in support to minimize both emissions & waste management. To date, we are well within the regulatory limits complying to local environmental standards.  All our products are 100% recyclable with giving importance for a greener environment.

Sri Lanka being a popular destination in the maritime hub and is strategically based in important shipping route, it gives us access to reach our international customers conveniently; moreover, giving us advantage to move forward commercially with free trade agreements for aluminum beverage Cans & Ends.

Our Values

At Ceylon Beverage Can we strongly practice honesty in all corporate activities and processes commencing from employees, operations to customer service; nevertheless, we are a responsible corporate citizen committed to focus on the health and safety of our environment and community complying with policies and regulations.


We conduct our business operations to the professed values from all levels of the company. We understand that trust is the most important asset of long term human relationship and we keep all our activities transparent and take responsibility for our actions.


We believe that innovative performance is the success factor that drives us to increasingly satisfied results in order to differentiate our beverage Cans and Ends from our competitors. Collaborating in cross-functional team work helps our employees to generate distinct and creative ideas to fuel effective brand building concepts for our valued customers.

Environmental Stewardship

We conduct our operations as responsible stewards within our industry by adopting environmentally sustainable policies and practices in manufacturing with the aim of supporting the green business & manufacturing both to local & International standards.

Our Vision & Mission

Ceylon Beverage Can aims to become pioneers in Beverage Can and End manufacturing industry of South Asia in five years. We strive to generate market growth through effective and efficient processes and increase the output of our products through customer satisfaction in quality and cost.

Our Vision

To become the pioneers in the Can and End manufacturing in South Asia within next five years

Achievements in 2016

  • ISO FSSC 22000 was awarded to CBC in 2016.
  • ISO 9001 was awarded in 2016.
  • Coke Cola approved in 2016
  • Carlsberg approved in 2016
  • Heineken approved in 2016
  • Filling & Seaming tests approvals in 10 fillers (including Belgium)
  • ISO 14001 was awarded in 2017

The Business as an overall

  • The current Can & End lines are rated at:
    • Can line 1800cpm
    • End Line 4000epm
  • The Can line is expandable to 2400cpm with additional equipment
  • Fully capable of increasing production capacity by two folds with the implementation of second production line
  • CBC in is favor of the Free trade agreements including:
    • ISFTA (India, Sri Lanka, free trade, agreement) for aluminium Can & Ends – 0% basic duty paid.
    • PSFTA (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, free trade, agreement) for aluminium Can & Ends – 0% basic duty paid.
    • SAFTA (South Asia free trade, agreement) for aluminium Can & Ends – 3% basic duty paid.
    • For Europe GSP (plus) = Zero Duty


Commencement of pre–engineering work – November 2014

Commencement of civil work- December 2014

Installation of manufacturing plant – November 2015

Commencement of commissioning the production line -January 2016

First commercial production – February 2016

First Can line diameter conversion – March 2016

First commercial production run of 250ml Can & 200 Ends -March 2016

Carlsberg approved in May 2016

Followed by first commercial production of 500ml Can & 202 Ends- June 2016

ISO FSSC 22000 was awarded to CBC on 16th August 2016

ISO 9001 was awarded on 21st September 2016

Coca Cola approved in September 2016

Heineken approved in October 2016

Introduction of Ring Pull Tabs (RPT) – December 2016

Introduction of 185ml Cans – April 2017

Introduction of state of art Laser engraving technology for printing – May 2017

Introduction of 200ml Cans – June 2017

ISO 14001 was awarded on 18th July 2017

Company History

Ceylon Beverage Can has been more than 5 years in the making. In 2009 the volumes of beer sales in Sri Lanka from independent Breweries was mainly in Keg or bottles, with the beer Cans volumes around 9 million Cans per year with very small growth. In 2010 the Sri Lankan government reduced the taxes on Beer sales and at the same time increased Electricity cost; this was the turning point in Can beer sales which tripled. Also, what helped the Can sales growth was the increase in electricity whereby increasing the cost in bottle manufacturing. In 2011 the board of directors of CBC started discussing feasibility of putting a Can and End manufacturing facility into Sri Lanka, with various machine vendors and turnkey project teams. By late 2011 the Can beer sale out sold the Breweries fill capacity, which resulted in Breweries importing filled Cans from South east Asia, in 2014 the breweries invested in new high-speed filling lines to coup with the increase and imported the Cans from India. Ceylon Beverage Can (Pvt) Ltd was established in February 2014, as a 2-piece Empty Aluminum Can & End manufacturing company in Horana, Sri Lanka. One & Only state-of the-art Can & End facility in the region. In November 2014, the engineering works commenced on the project and in November 2015 the equipment was installed. The commissioning started in February 2016 with full commercial products out of the factory premises in April 2016.

Shipping routes from Sri Lanka


Ceylon Beverage Can was established in 2014 as an independent aluminum cans and ends manufacturer based in Colombo Sri Lanka. Our cans and ends are mainly supplied for beer and beverage industries in the local and global sphere.

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